Roman de Fauvel

is the title of a 14th-century epic poem. The Roman is transmitted in two different versions. The later manuscript (BNF fr. 146) consists of 100 folios and is of great musicological significance, as in addition to the actual verses it contains not only precious illuminations but also numerous musical pieces for one or several voices, some of which probably were composed especially for this manuscript. There are rondeaux and ballads, liturgical chants and two- to four-part motets of the French ars antiqua and ars nova. Olaf Raitzig owned copies of the facsimiles, which now are part of his estate. 

He transcribed into modern notation altogether 24 ars nova motets from the Roman de Fauvel. The transcriptions are in manuscript form; numerous commentaries point out details of the transcription. Whenever the song texts were supplied as well, the scores have been edited and posted on the homepage. For other scores the text would still have to be added, which is problematic for a number of reasons. In these cases the procedure to follow still has to be decided upon. In addition there are recordings of all the motets.


Here are the titles of the motets:

1v Super cathedram – Presidentes in thronis – Ruina
2r Scariotis geniture – Jure quod in opere
3r Nulla pestis est gravior – Plange nostra regio
4r Detractor est nequissima – Qui secuntur castra
6v Quasi non ministerium – Trahunt in precipicia – Ve qui gregi
7v Orbis orbatus – Vos pastores
8v Desolata mater ecclesia – Que nutrictos filios
9v Je voi douleur – Fauvel nous a fait present – Autant m'est si poise
10v Se cuers ioiaus – Rex beatus
10v-11r Servant regem misericordia – O Philippe, prelustris Francorum
11v-12r Conditio nature – O natio nephandi generis
13r Facilius a nobis vitatur – Alieni boni invidia
15v-16r La mesnie fauveline – j’ai fait nouveletement – Grant despit ai ie
21v Inter amenitatis tripudia – O livor anxie
22r Inflammatus invidia – Sicut de ligno parvulus
29v Bonne est amours – Se me desirs
30r Aman novi probatur – Heu, Fortuna
32r Thalamus puerpere – Quomodo cantabimus
41v-42r Tribum, que non abhorruit – Quoniam secta latronum
42v Celi domina – Maria, virgo virginum – Porchier mieuz estre
43r Firmissime fidem – Adesto, sancta trinitas
44r Jhesu, tu dator venie – Zelus familie
44v In nova fert – Garrit Gallus
45r Bon vin doit - Quant je le voi